Charisa Sigala: Five Things we Know About The Fighter

Charisa Sigala

Bare-knuckle boxing is boxing without boxing gloves or any form of protection pads on the hands. Bare-knuckle boxing is no different from street fights save for a set of rules that have been put in place. This sport requires guts and lots of training to be successful.

Charisa Sigala has proven over time that she is not just a bare-knuckle boxer but a star in the sport.

Charisa Sigala: Background

Charisa is a well-rounded mixed martial artist from Rancho Cucamonga, California, in the United States. While growing up, she was a tomboy who did sports and cheerleading in high school.

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Facing abuse as a child made her want to get into combat as she never wanted to feel vulnerable ever again. Charisa got into martial arts by practicing Tae Kwon Do. She holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which she started when she was 24 years old. She was also involved in kickboxing and started mixed martial arts when she was 29.

Body Statistics

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 115 lbs

Reach: 65″

Age: 37 years old

Gyms and Affiliations

Charisa is primarily affiliated with the Millenia Mixed Martial Arts, and for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, she is affiliated with Gracie Barra Chino.

Regional Rankings

Charisa is ranked 27th out of 189 active US West women (pound for pound)

Charisa is ranked 16th out of 83 active California women (pound for pound)

Charisa is ranked 73rd out of 671 active United States women (pound for pound)

Charisa Sigala: MMA Fight Record

Charisa’s debut for bare-knuckle fighting as an amateur was in June 2015, where she fought Alexis Trinidad Marquez in the Gladiator challenge: California State Championship Series. Charisa defeated Alexis via Submission at 1:50 of Round 1.

So far, Charisa has had four wins, two losses, and zero draws in the MMA.

Charisa’s first win was against Andrea Coleman in the Gladiator Challenge: Season’s Beatings in November 2015. She defeated Coleman via Submission at 1:26 of Round 2.

In April 2016, at the Gladiator Challenge: Wrecking Crew, Charisa defeated Faye Shields via Submission at 1:09 of Round 1 and defeated Lanquin Robbins via Submission at 1:25 of Round 1 at the Gladiator challenge: American Pride, in July 2016.

In September of the same year, Charisa defeated Lanquin Robbins in the Gladiator Challenge: Unleashed, via KO/TKO at 1:00 of Round 1.

Ending her winning streak in the Mixed Martial Arts was the fight against Irene Cabello in Combate 37 held in October 2019. Charisa lost via a Round 3 decision. Charisa also lost to Stephanie Frausto in Combate 56 held in February 2020. Charisa was defeated via KO/TKO at 4:06 of Round 2

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship: Knuckle Mania

Taylor Starling defeated Charisa in the BKFC held in Florida in February 2021 via a 5 Round Decision. Pearl Gonzalez also defeated her in the BKFC held in June of the same year via 5 Round Decision.

However, these strings of losses didn’t deter Charisa from going for the BKFC held in October 2021, where she defeated Jessica Link by a split decision after 5 rounds that spanned 10 minutes.

Beyond Combat

Charisa is a bookworm who enjoys Sci-Fi and is a fan of Star Trek and Star Wars. She is a mother to three kids, two teenagers, and the oldest child is now an adult.

In an interview, the mixed martial artist stated that none of her kids seemed to be towing the combat line, but they all have basic knowledge of the Brazilan ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ (as there is a Jiu-Jitsu gym at home).

In an interview after her fight with Jessica Link whom she defeated, Charisa attributed her success to hard work and never giving up. Charisa dedicated the win to her kids, whom she said she was doing everything for, and as a form of inspiration that they can be anything they wish to be.

Charisa’s favorite post-fight meal is the Tresleches Cake from Portos Cuban Café –  a sumptuous cake soaked in 3 different types of milk and topped with Meringue icing.

You can bet that all the calories gained from the cake will be totally worth it after each fight!

Image source: YouTube