Jamal Lopes- Age, Mother, Grandmother, Career

Jamal Lopes

There are a numerous number of people whose names, ages, careers, and other information would have been obsolete if not for their parent’s fame and recognition.

Jamal Lopes is the son of Lisa Lopes whose background information is not revealed on the internet. He was adopted by the singer whose passion for humans extended. His age and date of birth are unknown, likewise are his educational background and qualifications.

Jamal Lopes: Mother’s Life

Lisa Lopes, well recognized by her stage name “Left Eye” was born on March 27, 1971, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA as Lisa Nicole Lopes.
She was an American singer, lyricist, dancer, producer, and rapper who played the harmonica, clarinet, piano, and saxophone as a child.
She was of Cape Verdean, Portuguese, and African American descent.

She was popularized as a member of the girl group TLC where she channeled her strength into her career pursuit alongside the likes of Rozonda Thomas, aka Chilli, and Tionne Watkins, aka Y-Boz. Her nickname Left Eye came about after a love interest confessed that he found her left eye attractive.

During her Glory days, her creativity didn’t go unnoticed as she received tons of co-composing credits, more than the other members of the crew.
Additionally, the majority of their outfit as a group were her brainchild, she took out time to create and design them appropriately, hence contributing significantly to the group’s song videos, outlook/style, art, and album titles. As good as she got, progressing in her music career, her hard work earned her the recognition she deserved, as she was awarded four Grammy Awards during the course.

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In 1998, Lisa decided it was high time to try out a career in solo music. Two of her singles “Not Tonight” and “U Know What’s Up” made it to the American’s top 10 hit list. Also, she contributed majorly to the track “Never Be The Same Again,” where she collaborated with the British singer Melanie from space girls.

This particular song appeared in the UK’s list of number-one singles. Furthermore, Lisa took another huge leap in her career by creating a girl group called Blaque. They were responsible for the production is a platinum album, and following a series of hard work and dedication, two of their songs also made it to America’s hit list.

Growing up, Lisa found herself in an abusive and alcoholic family, which made her childhood a traumatized one. However as an adult, she couldn’t see to detach herself from the traumatizing behavior linked to her childhood conditioning, she constantly battled with alcoholism. This particular struggle sent her to rehab where she eventually crossed paths with a woman battling with addiction and severe hardship. Her contact with this woman led her to get adopting the woman’s daughter as hers, who she named Snow Lopes. Ten years prior to the adoption of Snow, it was reported that she had adopted a 12 years old boy whom she named Jamal Lopes.

Mother’s Death and Funeral

Sadly, Jamal lost his mother to a fatal car crash on 25 April 2002 in La Ceiba, Honduras while she was driving a rented Mitsubishi Montero SUV. According to the reports, She swerved slightly to avoid a truck (it is not clear if the truck was slow-moving or stationary) then immediately to the right as she tried to avoid an oncoming car.

She died instantly of “fracture of the base of the cranium” and “open cerebral trauma,” and she was the only person fatally injured in the accident.
On 2 May 2002, her funeral was held at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia where thousands of people attended.
The lyrics to her portion of “Waterfalls” were engraved upon her casket. She was laid to rest at Hillandale Memorial Gardens in Lithonia.

Jamal Lopes: Personal Life—Family

Since there is no information concerning Jamal’s biological family and relatives, his family life revolves around that of his foster family.
His grandparents are Wanda Andino Denise (Lisa’s mother) and Ronald Lopes Sr.(Lisa’s father). His grandmother was a seamstress while his grandfather was a US Army staff sergeant. His mother had a younger brother named Ronald Jr., and a younger sister called Raina Anitra who professionally goes by the name Reigndrop, who happens to be his Uncle and Aunt respectively.

Also, a report has it that his mother, Lisa who is quiet about her life as a whole once stated that his grandfather was very strict, very domineering and that he treated the family like they were in a boot camp. Her parents later separated when she was still in school. She was then raised by her paternal grandmother—his great-grandmother—during the later years of her childhood.

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