Jelani Greene- Bio, Career, Body Stats

Jelani Greene

Jelani Greene is a professional American football player who is popularly recognized as AJ Greene on Tiktok. Quite a number of information and details about the sportsman remains obsolete.

Jelani hails from Selden, New York, a smaller town from Long Island, and schooled in the University of New Haven, graduating with honors in a psychology degree.

Prior to his University education, he had his high school education in New Field high school and Longwood High school afterward.

During one of his interviews, he opened up about the biggest adversity he has encountered being when he was dismissed from the University of New Hampshire because of poor social decisions off the field after his true freshman season which led to him having to rebuild the credibility of his name at community college. For this reason, he took 6 summer classes, 9 fall classes, and 2 winter classes, while leading his team in receiving, and graduating a 2-year college in only 7 months with a perfect 4.0 GPA. He emphasized how the experience allowed him to redefine his passion for the game of football, set his priorities, and grow as a person by sharpening his character in general.

Currently, Jelani plays for the New Hampshire Wildcats football team. The report has it that he has been undertaking the role of a wide receiver for the team.

Jelani Greene- Career

During his collegiate career, he was able to deem most memorable his catch in the first round of the D2 playoffs. He stated to have gotten slightly overthrown on a deep pass just beyond his fingertips the week before in their conference championship game and he regretted not diving for the catch. Also in that game, he sprained his MCL which he treated all week, and still ran with a little limp. It was 3rd & long, tied game heading into halftime, same play, and the same ball, the only difference being that he fully laid out parallel with the ground to make a 50-yard catch.

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, as reported by Gregg Sarra for, Jelani came through for his team with some great moves he made. Being Newfield’s senior wide receiver, he weaved his way through the Half Hollow Hills West defense for eight receptions, 118 yards, and a score. And he broke three tackles and raced down the visitor’s sideline for a touchdown on a 90-yard punt return.

Jelani’s biggest contribution saved the day. He made an awesome catch, leaping over double coverage on the Newfield sideline for a 38-yard gain on a third down and eight plays from the Wolverine’s 2-yard line.

Just like most successful sportsmen, Jelani didn’t have it all rosy, however, through hardwood and doggedness, he didn’t let his failures hold him back.

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He acknowledged his biggest failure was his inability to qualify for the national championship for track & field. At first, he got was upset and felt sorry for himself, but then decided to do a double back on his preparation, from the football season into the middle of track season, he was not prepared physically or technically to compete at the level. He considered it as another testimony on how preseason work can determine postseason success.

According to his scouting report, his positives include; great hands, good speed, smooth route running, big attacks on the football, while his negatives are: small school, small production, and inability to round out Routes from time to time.

The summary of the report highlights that Jelani has all the endowments required to be a fine sportsman; from the body, size to speed, to hands—he’s just well equipped with all the necessary tools for a day one starter. Additionally, the reports have it that the sportsman is 33 years of age, even though his exact date of birth is not revealed.

Body Stats

From the highlights of the scouting report, it is of necessity to note that the sportsman’s body matter is not lacking. The footballer stands a tall height of 6 feet and weighs 195 lbs. His body is well maintained by regular exercises and a healthy diet to enable him to stay healthy and fit for the field.

Jelani Greene: Personal Life—Family

Jelani was born to Harold and Carol Greene. As stated by the sportsman, the most influential person in his life is his Mom. During the course of the interview, he recounted that she had a tough childhood and worked to separate herself from her peers growing up through success. She made sure that his childhood was easier than hers was and provided him with all the tools and opportunities to make sure that he can do the same thing for his family.

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