Khalid Jordan – Age, Career, Relationship With Michael B. Jordan

Khalid Jordan

Khalid Jordan and his family are known to have a flair for acting and television production. One could say it is now a family business. Khalid is quite the entertainer himself, having warmed the hearts of many college football fans. Armed with multifaceted ambitions, Kahlid is a star, more or less, wherever he finds himself.

Here is everything you need to know about Khalid Jordan.

How old is Khalid?

Khalid Jordan was born in Santa Ana, California, and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He is one of three children born to Mr. Michael A. Jordan and Mrs. Donna Jordan.

Khalid has a younger sister named “Jamila Jordan” and an older brother “Michael B. Jordan”. He attended Shabazz high school in Newark, where he started tackling down people for a ball.

Khalid Jordan was born in October 1992. He is 29 years old.

Khalid dumped Science for Art

In 2006, young Khalid attended Science Park High School. Probably realizing it wasn’t a good choice, he thoughtfully decided that science was not worth the hard work and transferred to Arts High School after his freshman year.

In high school, Khalid played football for Malcolm X. His exceptional performance led to an athletic scholarship to play football at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Khalid became one of the first “history of art” students from his high school to receive a full athletic scholarship at Howard University. Following the family legacy, he majored in Television Production.

Unfortunately, for his fans, Kahlid Jordan didn’t pursue football at the NFL level after his graduation.

Khalid Jordan worked for Warner Horizon

In college, Khalid procured various internships with companies such as Sesame Workshop as well as BET (DC and NY) and other Viacom companies. After graduation from college, he moved to the home of the Hollywood entertainment industry, California.

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The 6 foot 6 inches tall former athlete started his career in the mailroom at William Morris Endeavor talent agency. After three and a half years working in the Television Literary and Digital Department, Khalid gained employment as a manager at Mass Appeal. Kahlid Jordan later landed the position of Creative Development Executive at Warner Horizon.

In September 2020, an article by Variety reported that Khalid was named as a director of development at the Macro Television Studios, a global media brand.

Relationship with Michael B. Jordan

On the surface, Khalid Jordan is best known as the brother of actor Michael B. Jordan and a Footballer. As a family, these two share more than just brotherly bonds.

You should know Michael B. Jordan, he is hot and perhaps, you know him best as the villain in the Hollywood blockbuster film “Black Panther” in 2018. He was someone we loved to hate but ended up just loving.

Other noticeable movies include “Just Mercy” where he played the role of a lawyer who went to the death row and saved a man who was facing death for a murder he was miles away when it happened. He was also in “Without Remorse”, “A Journal for Jordan”, “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, “Creed” 1 and 2, etc.

Just like Khalid, Michael had an interest in sports too. He wanted to be a basketball player but he switched to working out to pursue acting and modeling at age 18.

In 2020, Michael was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. The New York Times ranked him 15 on its list of the 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century.

Image source: BlackFilmandTV