Yainee Alonso – Tiny Details About Manny Machado’s Wife

Yainee Alonso

Yainee Alonso is not a familiar name when it stands alone. She is better known as Yainee Alonso, wife of Major League Baseball player, Manny Machado; or Yainee Alonso, sister of a former Baseball player, Yonder Alonso.
If you don’t know Yainee before now, here are the tiny details about the wife of the four times All-Star Award Winner.

How Old Is Yainee?

Yainee Alonso was born to her parents, Luin Alonso and Damarys Alonso, on 24 November 1990, in Havana, Cuba. Despite being born in Cuba, Yainee spent the greater part of her childhood in the United States as her parents migrated to the country in 1996. Yainee’s father, Luis Alonso, played for the Industriales of Cuba Nationals Series before he later became their coach.

Yainee grew up alongside her older brother, Yonder Alonso. Yonder is the former professional baseball first baseman of Major League Baseball (MLB). The siblings attended the University of Miami, where Yainee graduated in 2012 with a degree in psychology.

While in school, Yainee was a cheerleader for the Miami Hurricanes cheerleading team. Turns out the father’s love for sport rubbed off on them.

Young Yainee is 31years old.

Yainee tied the knot In 2014

Yainee’s brother, Yonder, and Manny are good friends. The two lovers met through Yonder as they both played baseball. Yonder said Manny was always visiting their house and soon made it clear that he was not only going to see Yonder but his younger sister too, whom he had gotten attracted to. Like the gentleman that he is, Manny talked to his friend and asked for permission to date his sister.

The couple announced their engagement in 2013, just a few years after they officially started dating. Not long after they tied the knot, as described by the press, a spectacularly extravagant ceremony, in November 2014.

To prove your love to the woman you love, you need to do things no one would do for her, and Yainee’s husband took the road less traveled. Not long after their marriage, Manny tattooed a portrait of his wife on his arm. If that’s not “till death do us part” what else can it be?.

Yainee Alonso is older than her husband

As a youngster, Manny was a successful baseball player. Which means he had a lot of things people his age normally pray for. So, it was no surprise when he got married back in 2014 when he was only 20 years and Yainee, 23 years old. It is hard to tell that Yainee is three years older than her husband.

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Her looks and size would make you think she’s still a teenager. And there is a method to your confusion because the beautiful blonde has not aged a bit.

The couples live in Baltimore, where the love they share seems to be waxing strong as they often post pictures of themselves in exotic locations.

The couples are yet to have a child

Considering that they got married at an early age, with over six years in marriage, it is natural for fans to expect a baby from the couple. However, Yainee and her husband are not ready to take on the task of parenting a child.
Even though they are yet to have babies, if it makes you feel any better, they are proud parents of two dogs. One was named Kobe after Kobe Bryant by Yainee. If you think that’s sweet, spell sweet in Spanish.

Yainee’s net worth

What Yainee does for a living is still a mystery to the media. Some say her husband is so rich she doesn’t have to work. Maybe. When we do find out, you’ll be the first to know.

Yainee’s husband, on the other hand, has a net worth estimated to be $50 million. It is no surprise, Manny is a successful professional baseball player in Major League Baseball (MLB).  On February 21, 2019, Machado signed a 10year contract with San Diego Padres worth $300 million. The second-largest free-agent contract in American sports history.

Image source: 90min